Layaway Installment Plan consisting of:

5 biweekly payments.

10 weeks in length.

No service charge.

No minimum payments.

No due dates or late fees.*

No order changes are permitted.

No price adjustments are permitted.

You may cancel your order at anytime. You will receive a refund of your payments made to date minus the order cancellation fee.

A down payment is required to start a layaway. The down payment will also be your 1st payment.

Due to the limitations of our online checkout. The down payment will consist of only the shipping charge.

You will then receive biweekly invoices for 1/4 of the remaining balance.

For example you wish to purchase one black stage and dance pole for $379.99, and the shipping charge is $150.

You will pay the $150 shipping charge as your down payment/1st payment. The remaining $379.99 will be split into 4 equal payments of $95.

You will be invoiced biweekly until the layaway is completed.

You may also pay more,less or nothing. You just have to let us know. Please include your order # in all emails.

For record keeping, and order tracking the name and billing info of the person paying on the layaway must match the person whom initiated the layaway contract.

If you agree to these layaway terms & conditions, and would like to start a layaway installment plan.

Simply complete the online checkout using the coupon code "layaway" at checkout, and your layaway will be started.

You are responsible for checking your email. If you do not receive your biweekly invoice please request one immediately. We do not automatically bill you. You are responsible for paying your biweekly payment even if you do not receive an invoice.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we promptly begin preparing your order, so that items can be shipped immediately upon successful completion. Therefore any order canceled will be charged a 10% cancellation fee based on the total order.

To ensure order accuracy we do not take any orders over the phone.

*No due dates or late fees, however layaway's with no payment activity, or contact for 30 days will be cancelled and refunded minus our cancellation fee.