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No Majestic Stages were involved in the making of the video below.

It’s a real challenge finding a portable, freestanding dancing pole. Take a look at the few on the market today, and you’ll see that most are flimsy and barely capable of supporting little more than a few twirls from an average size woman.

Our dance poles and stages are different. They are designed to handle some serious dancing, and are virtually indestructible under any normal intended use!

Our dance poles are completely freestanding meaning they do not require the use of a ceiling, and can be setup anywhere where space is available, living room, backyard, reception halls, beach, etc.

Our dance stage design eliminates the need for intrusive pole flanges which result in stubbed toes.

Our dance poles features a matte finish which reduces issues related to gripping the pole. No high polished slippery chrome.

All dance poles and stages assemble in 2 STEPS in 2 MINUTES or less! NO TOOLS REQUIRED!

Our dance poles are non-spinning therefore there's no increased risk of serious injury from rotating off the pole.

Wheels are included on every stage for extra easy portability. Very easy to disassemble and slide under bed for storage or privacy when not in use.

Apartment and renter friendly. No holes are required in the floor or ceiling.

There’s not a more exciting, fun way to get those perfectly toned arms and abs, than using our super affordable dance pole and stage. Not to mention they are excellent centerpieces for all parties and events!